Bound and Grounded in God’s Love, we…

  • open ourselves to authentic encounters with God in gratitude and with creativity;

  • open ourselves to restoration, unlocking (or discovering) all that God intended life to be;

  • commit ourselves to experiencing God and seeking Truth, as illuminated by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, under the authority of Scripture;

  • respond to God’s grace by reflecting divine love, compassion and sacrifice;

  • leave fingerprints of Christ’s love, Making God Visible wherever we go.


Board Members


Garth Borthistle, Chairman of the Board
Janine Maclean, Treasurer
Jennifer Stapleton, Secretary
Roger Huizinga
Liza Printis
Mark Rose
Jamie Sauder


Garth & Barb Borthistle
Scott & Cheryl Brown
Helen Huizinga (emeritus)
Nate Huizinga
Roger & Kim Huizinga
Chris & Sarah Paul
Sarah Rose
Dave & Beverley Twitchett
James & Katie Twitchett


Roger Huizinga, Pastor
Garth Borthistle, Associate Pastor
Katie Twitchett, Pastor of Students’ Ministry
Rachel Borthistle, Pastor of Children’s Ministry
Sarah Rose, Director of Reflection Dance Studio
Tresa Barthel, Administrator of Reflection Dance Studio
Jennifer McAllister, Administrator