Welcome to Uptown



This month all of our Small Groups really get started after summer holidays and a month of getting-back-in-gear with school and activities for busy families and professionals!

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Acts 2:42

Uptown has many active home groups who have been together for years and years, and some that just started, and others that-are-yet-to-be-started!

If you are looking to join a group this fall, you can email info@uptownchurch.ca or drop a note from the Connect Card into the offering box. We have groups for just women, for families with young children, during the day, during the evening, around a meal after worship on Sunday. Some groups do Bible Studies, others do Book Studies or Video series.

If you are a facilitator or host, please update your group information (info@uptownchurch.ca) and let us know if you are welcoming new members and what you will be studying this season/year. If you could also include a list of members so we can update the database, that would be very helpful!



In October and November, Small Groups will be asked to put together hampers for families and individuals in our community to deliver the first week of December. Keep your eyes, ears and hearts open to those who might be in need of an extra blessing this year. While Small Groups are encouraged to organize the hampers (with food, warm clothes and gifts) we also ask the Uptown Community to donate goods towards the hampers (canned goods, gift cards, new gifts). If you would be willing to help organize a drive, Jen McAllister will be able to help you set up sign-ups and gather goods. Let her know if you would like to take on this volunteer opportunity, and if you know of people who would benefit from a gift of love from Uptown.



One of the BEST parts of our Christmas Season at Uptown is “The Christmas Dinner.” Organized by Janine Maclean, Uptown prepares, entertains and serves an amazing meal (oh, and cleans up) for people in our community who are in need of a hot meal. This isn’t just hot soup, this is a fancy meal with courses, service and take home bags of cookies! This year the dinner will be held on Saturday, December 8thFRIDAY, DECEMBER 14TH at Star of the Sea Community Centre.

If you would like to help serve, bake cookies or prepare food, decorate or clean up, keep your eyes open for sign-ups mid-November. Children over 10 years old are encouraged to serve with their parents.

Every year we like to have some kind of entertainment for the guests. If you have a gift for background music (with a holiday kick) or are super excited about teaching 40 children to sing. NOW is the time to start preparing and organizing for this special event. There are lots of lovely ideas floating around, but if you would like to take on the project of entertainment to help Janine and Eva with this ambitious evening, please let us know!




Usually we do Shoeboxes for kids in need overseas, but after some sober second thought, we decided last year that we wanted to do something that was beneficial to people in our own communities AND we ALSO wanted to do something that would better benefit families overseas who just simply need FOOD. Earlier this year, Uptown encouraged members to donate to food relief in Yemen, and we’ve a number of “extended family members” who have done some aid work in Nepal. Two years ago we welcomed families from Syria as a part of our coming-together and serving-one-another in love. 

What beautiful idea for sending aid overseas, or/and in our neighbourhoods has been aching in YOUR heart? If you want to fill a shoebox, shoeboxes are available, but if you want to do more - or organize something that our entire body can be a part of, let us know what your idea is! We want to help it come to fruition, and we want to find ways to share.




Who wants to get together for a Christmas Carol Sing? I promise I’ll get my piano tuned if I can get 30 people together to share cookies, cocoa and carols!  ❤️ Jen McAllister