Expressions of Advent

Advent is the season of waiting for the Saviour to come, the quiet time of preparing our hearts, minds and souls for the welcoming of the Christ Child on Christmas Day. Usually, we mark the passing of the Advent weeks by lighting a candle each week during the four weeks prior to Christmas Day. 

This year we want to encourage YOU to go a little further in this preparation by using your personal gifting of creativity to bring an offering to the celebration of the Birth of Jesus. Some of you are painters and poets, others are bakers or card makers, calligraphers, musicians, song-writers, sketchers, carvers, photographers . . .

what are you able to create
to celebrate the anticipation
of the Saviour coming?

Check the website in the coming weeks for more details.

More Christmas Offerings

Christmas Hampers
If you know of someone who would be blessed by a Christmas Hamper, please let Jen McAllister know! If your family or small group would like to create a hamper or contribute to one, Jen would like to match you with a need. We'd like to have the hampers (food and gifts) ready to deliver by the 8th of December so an invitation to our Annual Community Christmas Dinner can also be extended.

Community Christmas Dinner
Mark your calendars for FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14th for serving at the Annual Community Christmas Dinner held at Star of the Sea Community Centre. Every year Janine Maclean puts together an amazing menu and Eva Olson organizes all the volunteers, decorations and gift bags (cookies baked by YOU) for this well-attended event for people in the White Rock/South Surrey community.

Chapel Movement Vancouver is a network of youth groups gathering in the metro Vancouver area to unite churches and kindle faith in the youth and youth leaders of our region. SALT has participated in a number of Chapel events and our students have loved these- it's exciting and moving to be in a room packed with teenagers from all over the area that are passionate about worshipping God and seeing transformation in our city. November 23 and 24 there will be a Chapel Conference called SHIFT happening at the gorgeous First Baptist Church downtown and we are super excited for what God is going to do in and through this gathering of passionate youth.

We will meet at the South Surrey Park and Ride at 5pm Friday, November 23 and together take transit (351 bus, then Canada Line) to First Baptist. We will return for pickup at the Park and Ride that evening at 10:30pm. The next morning we will again meet at the park and ride at 8:30am, returning for pickup at 8:00pm. 

The cost of this event is $39 each, but please let us know if this is prohibitive as I am committed to every student having the opportunity to participate, and will make tickets available as needed. Lunch and dinner on Saturday, Nov. 24 will be taken downtown and not included in the cost.

Registration and more info here: 

Can't wait!

Katie Twitchett 

Pastor of Student Ministries 
Uptown Church

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Impacting Our Communities for Christ

Saturday, November 17 from 6:30 - 9:00 PM
at Brookswood Baptist Church

BCBC Celebration Dessert Night is an opportunity for our BCBC family of churches to worship, celebrate God’s goodness, fellowship, laugh and be informed about and invest in our mission. This is one of the highlights of our year. The offering taken during this event is an integral part of fulfilling our mandate as we serve the church through intentional church planting, growing and revitalizing strategies. RSVP before Wednesday, November 13.


Nativity Service

Dec 15 Rehearsal
Dec 16 Program

On December 16th, our Preschoolers through High Schoolers will be joining efforts to guide us from the beginning of the world through the beginning of the Gospel Story as part of a multi-generational worship service. On the 15th, please have your children/students at Uptown Church (White Rock Elementary) from 1-4 pm for dress rehearsal (disguised as Christmas Cookies and Cocoa Party). Mark your calendars now! 

Christmas Eve 2016

Christmas Eve in a Barn

Kingfisher Farm Barn
512 - 172nd Street
South Surrey, BC

Time(s) to be Determined


Welcome to Uptown



This month all of our Small Groups really get started after summer holidays and a month of getting-back-in-gear with school and activities for busy families and professionals!

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Acts 2:42

Uptown has many active home groups who have been together for years and years, and some that just started, and others that-are-yet-to-be-started!

If you are looking to join a group this fall, you can email or drop a note from the Connect Card into the offering box. We have groups for just women, for families with young children, during the day, during the evening, around a meal after worship on Sunday. Some groups do Bible Studies, others do Book Studies or Video series.

If you are a facilitator or host, please update your group information ( and let us know if you are welcoming new members and what you will be studying this season/year. If you could also include a list of members so we can update the database, that would be very helpful!



In October and November, Small Groups will be asked to put together hampers for families and individuals in our community to deliver the first week of December. Keep your eyes, ears and hearts open to those who might be in need of an extra blessing this year. While Small Groups are encouraged to organize the hampers (with food, warm clothes and gifts) we also ask the Uptown Community to donate goods towards the hampers (canned goods, gift cards, new gifts). If you would be willing to help organize a drive, Jen McAllister will be able to help you set up sign-ups and gather goods. Let her know if you would like to take on this volunteer opportunity, and if you know of people who would benefit from a gift of love from Uptown.



One of the BEST parts of our Christmas Season at Uptown is “The Christmas Dinner.” Organized by Janine Maclean, Uptown prepares, entertains and serves an amazing meal (oh, and cleans up) for people in our community who are in need of a hot meal. This isn’t just hot soup, this is a fancy meal with courses, service and take home bags of cookies! This year the dinner will be held on Saturday, December 8thFRIDAY, DECEMBER 14TH at Star of the Sea Community Centre.

If you would like to help serve, bake cookies or prepare food, decorate or clean up, keep your eyes open for sign-ups mid-November. Children over 10 years old are encouraged to serve with their parents.

Every year we like to have some kind of entertainment for the guests. If you have a gift for background music (with a holiday kick) or are super excited about teaching 40 children to sing. NOW is the time to start preparing and organizing for this special event. There are lots of lovely ideas floating around, but if you would like to take on the project of entertainment to help Janine and Eva with this ambitious evening, please let us know!




Usually we do Shoeboxes for kids in need overseas, but after some sober second thought, we decided last year that we wanted to do something that was beneficial to people in our own communities AND we ALSO wanted to do something that would better benefit families overseas who just simply need FOOD. Earlier this year, Uptown encouraged members to donate to food relief in Yemen, and we’ve a number of “extended family members” who have done some aid work in Nepal. Two years ago we welcomed families from Syria as a part of our coming-together and serving-one-another in love. 

What beautiful idea for sending aid overseas, or/and in our neighbourhoods has been aching in YOUR heart? If you want to fill a shoebox, shoeboxes are available, but if you want to do more - or organize something that our entire body can be a part of, let us know what your idea is! We want to help it come to fruition, and we want to find ways to share.




Who wants to get together for a Christmas Carol Sing? I promise I’ll get my piano tuned if I can get 30 people together to share cookies, cocoa and carols!  ❤️ Jen McAllister


Welcome to Uptown!

We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:30 for worship and teaching at White Rock Elementary School (1273 Fir Street). Our coffee is brilliantly prepared by Dave and is donated by Islands Coffee (across the street). We encourage you to come early and enjoy a cuppa while the worship team rehearses. Coffee is not allowed in the gymnasium, unfortunately, so we need stay in the lobby with our coffee and tea.

Usually, on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, you’ll notice tables full of bread and sweet treats from Cobbs. PLEASE take some of this donated, day-old bread for your family and to share with your neighbours.

The first Sunday of the month is special for us. First, we celebrate communion on the first Sunday. Sometimes we call for “family chalices” and if you have a special glass (some have pottery, silver, pewter or even a cherished coffee mug) please bring it on those special Communion Sundays to share the bread and the cup with your family. We serve grape juice to respect those in our community who struggle with alcoholism and we also serve gluten-free crackers for those who struggle with gluten intolerances. Most Communion Sundays we simply pass out the elements of the Eucharist and then take them together in unity.

Also, on the first Sunday of the month, our children join together in a single class for “Buddy Sunday” so that our older children have a chance to mentor our younger prodigies. This has become much easier with the introduction of a new curriculum series called The Gospel Project. We began on September 2nd with a unit called “In The Beginning” and ALL of our Sunday School classes will be learning from the same passages of scripture each week! This allows families more opportunity to bring God’s Good Word into their daily lives each week, as all of the children will be hearing the same stories. For more on The Gospel Project, visit OR be really brave and download the LifeWay Kids app and scroll to The Gospel Project Volume 1 (you can get the free lite version, or spring for the full version that includes the weekly videos). We’ve also purchased a few adult study guides if you’d like to study along with your children! Ask Jen if you are interested in purchasing it ($5).

Home groups will be re-starting within the next month, so connect with your group leaders! If you haven’t yet joined a home group, or would like to join in a new one, please fill out a connect card at the back table, leave it in the offering box, and someone will contact you to help you find yourself at home!

Roger is our lead pastor (Christ is our Head Pastor) and founding pastor of this little church plant from about 20 years ago! He is supported with a number of part-time staff, including Garth who acts as the Associate/Executive Pastor; Katie, the Pastor of Student Ministries; Rachel, the Pastor of Children’s Ministries; Jennifer, the Ministries Coordinator; and an active Board and Eldership.

SALT is Uptown’s Youth Group for students in grades 6 through 12. This is the first year we are combining both groups and they will be held on SUNDAY EVENINGS from 6:30–8:30 PM at White Rock Elementary (where we worship Sunday Mornings). Please see the column on the next page for more information on what will be happening on Sunday night!

WatchKeepers: Every Tuesday night, Dave and Beverley Twitchett open their home to anyone who would like to pray for Uptown (including people who don’t come to Uptown regularly, but want to pray for us!). We meet at 7 PM at their home and there is often some time of quiet worship and communal prayer. Connect with Dave or Bev if you have any questions, or you can also email if you have anything you’d like the group to pray for. You can also fill out one of the blank index cards and place it in the box on the back table if you would like to be anonymous.

WatchKeepers also meet on Sunday morning (9:30ish) to pray for the service, for individuals, for the teachers, volunteers, staff, everyone…if you would like prayer, please know you are invited to come for prayer before the service as well! A couple times a month there is a specific leadership prayer meeting at the McAllister House at 8 am.

Uptown has a few unique annual events to look forward to. Our next “big” event is “Christmas Eve in a Barn” which takes place in two services, on Christmas Eve, at Kingfisher Farm in the oldest standing barn in Surrey.

Another unique event is our Art Camp that will take place over FOUR days (not 3) next year at Hazelmere Campground from July 22-25, 2019. More will be said about that later, but mark your calendars so you don’t plan your holidays during that week!

See the following page for one of our most unique ministries, that is beginning its FOURTH YEAR of operation this September, Reflection Dance Studio!

If you are able to peel a potato, or dish out a bowl of soup, you can join some of our leadership team on Friday mornings/early afternoons to help serve a hot meal at The Lunch Hut, operated out of St. John’s Church. If you’d be blessed in serving in this way, connect with Nate or Roger for more information!

Don’t you love our new logo that was revealed at the Reflection Showcase this Spring?

Don’t you love our new logo that was revealed at the Reflection Showcase this Spring?

We are so blessed by the support and encouragement we have received and we are very excited to have the next year right upon us. We are joyfully eager to get started!

This year our focus is on being humbly confident, bold, and courageous in this life. We will be seeking scripture and prayer throughout the year and will be digging into Esther and Ephesians 6:10-19 among other books and scripture to study and immerse ourselves in through songs, lyrics, words, movement, and dance.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to offer many styles of dance and drama this year to our beautiful community in a way that is wholesome and incredibly thoughtful of content. We are offering our art form as an offering of praise and thanksgiving to The Lord our God, who alone is worthy.

We are grateful for our growing team of teachers and mentors this year. Our team is really interested in furthering opportunities for our students to grow in both technique and character, and we are deeply moved by the daily practice of having God be the central part of our lives in all ways, including to but not limited to the arts and creativity.

We truly had an incredible year last year at RDS. We are deeply thankful to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for His faithfulness in seeing us through to success in all the ways that are meaningful and long lasting.


Sarah Rose and team

Director of Reflection Dance Studio


We are super excited to transition our Sunday School curriculum to The Gospel Project. We are hoping to increase our children’s and students’ understanding of how ALL Bible stories, that Helen has been telling us for all these years, fit together to tell THE GOOD NEWS, the story of Christ Jesus.

It is possible to know all the Bible stories, and miss the Bibles story of redemption through Jesus Christ. The purpose of The Gospel Project is to equip users to understand how all Scripture testifies to the gospel fo Jesus Christ.

The Gospel Project goals are to

Help people grasp the grand story of the Bible by tracing major themes and essential doctrines throughout all of Scripture.

Help people understand and apply the gospel fo Jesus Christ by exploring implications for life in every session.

Help move people to mission by demonstrating proper responses to what God has done for us in Christ.

Learn more by visiting to watch videos and explore all of the Additional Resources. In October, we’ll have a parents’ night and go over any questions or concerns you may have.

In the meantime, we want to encourage you to read the take-homes that your children are given, ask your students about what they are learning, and help your kids find their Bibles to bring to class! We are going to be doing a lot of work learning how the Old/First Testament stories lead up to telling the Gospel story, and learning how our story fits into the Grand Story.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.27.40 AM.png

Hello wonderful parents, students and leaders,

What an amazing summer we've had! I am so blessed and grateful for all the experiences we've had together: The Gleanings trip to Fresno (we will do it again this June/July for sure!); Art camp; Youth Campout; Cultus Lake- so many awesome memories!

The school year is fully upon us now,  and I am very excited as we launch into another year of SALT. Things are going to be a little bit different this year. We (finally!) have access to a weekly, functional space to run SALT out of- the gym at White Rock Elementary school, 1273 Fir Street, White Rock.

Students Gr.6-12 will meet every Sunday evening 6:30-8:30 in the gym!

Here’s what your students can expect each week:

🍕Food. What kind will vary from week to week but they are guaranteed to be fed, and to be able to eat together with their friends.

🕺Fun. Crazy wild outside games, drop-in style sports, exciting challenges, general hilarity. Some weeks we will meet at the school and then pile the kids onto a school bus to go on an adventure (ie laser tag, extreme airpark, etc). But don't worry we will let you know ahead of time when these excursions are coming. 

🎸Music. For the first few weeks we will be working on putting together a youth worship band. Many of your students are musically gifted; some of them are developing this already, others don't even know what they are capable of. I realize some kids aren't interested in being part of a youth band and others are. For that reason the vibe will be casual. We will have instruments and mics set up, and kids that are interested in learning to play or sing worship music will have that opportunity; meanwhile there will be other fun things to do as well. 

🤗Friends. More than probably anything teens and preteens want to be hanging out with their friends. Our hope is that we can continue building a community that is loving, respectful, inclusive, safe and kind. We want every single student to know that they are valued for who they are.

⛪Faith. We do SALT because we love students and we love Jesus. More, we know that Jesus loves our kids even more than we ever could,  and is passionately pursuing a relationship with each of them. We want SALT to be a safe place for students to learn, grow, question, explore, engage, worship, pray, and be challenged. Most of all, we want it to be a space where they would experience the love of God.

I would also love to hear from you and offer myself as support if I can in any way lend a listening ear, prayer and friendship as we all navigate the extreme challenge of parenting, mentoring, or being in the middle of the teenage years. If you ever want to have a coffee and a chat I would love that. 

So excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of our students this year!!

Love to you all,

Katie Twitchett 

Pastor of Student Ministries